TOILET TRAINING - A Tantalizing Experience

by Anastassja

Not for everyone - The Mistress's body needs to be affectionately viewed by the slave to be the ultimate temple of supreme sovereignty. Every command is to be followed without question, every convenience possible, every sexual and physical pleasure is the slave's only option to provide.


A Deep Obedience
The slave must hold everything about the Mistress in the highest esteem. Therefore, toilet train your slave to provide the most personal service anyone can perform for you. Toilet training is not a discipline or service that is for every Mistress/slave relationship. But I sure love to use my slaves as toilet slaves. If ever you want to test your power and your control over a slave, then toilet training is a sure test of obedience. Sexual Deprivation is impersonal. It is a physical separation between Mistress and slave. If you determine that the slave should have some form of personal contact with his Mistress, any contact you permit should never be that which occurs in any normal relationship. If the slave is being subjected to Sexual Deprivation, the slave will have a strong incentive to be used as a toilet slave because it allows the slave the only contact he will typically have with your genitals and person. Many slaves enduring sexual deprivation will cherish the opportunity to be urinated on, crapped on, kiss, lick or smell your under arms and smell your socks or panties/underwear of their Mistress. The slave will treasure any opportunity to have even the most humiliating and degrading contact with you. Toilet Training is a means of using your slave in the most personal manner imaginable. No lover, no boyfriend, or no husband would ever be more intimate with you and demonstrate such admiration and love for you than a toilet trained slave. Toilet Training provides the slave with a well rounded and complete understanding of their special place as your servant. You would never normally share your restroom habits with anyone. Here, a slave can demonstrate the utmost love, and obedience to you that no one else ever would.


The Personal Hygiene Tool

Toilet Training entails using the slave as your personal hygiene tool. This is a Mistress' right and the slave's privilege. Making the slave lick clean your vagina or ass, or simply clean you after you use the restroom. Making the slave lick clean your vagina before you shower, and/or lick you clean after you have been sexually satisfied. While I am not into scat (feces) play, I do use my slave for the entire above toilet services. I often make my slave place his face between my legs to watch while I urinate, then lick me clean, and gently dry me off with some paper. I sometimes make him gently dry me off with his face. I always make my slave lick my vagina and ass clean before I bathe or shower. And I always have my slave lick my vagina and ass clean after I have sex. It gives him a taste of the pleasure I have enjoyed. My slave should be beholding and show an appreciation to anyone that satisfies his Mistress. So, I then make him lick clean the cock that pleased me and thank it with kisses, or reward that cock with oral stimulation for the pleasure that it gave me. Besides exciting me sexually, it's quite refreshing. After each cleaning, I also make him smell, kiss and lick my soiled napkins. Before he disposes of them. This is one of the few forms I allow him to show his admiration for me. This is how I make him prove his love for me.


Sexual Toiletting

Having some one lick you clean after you have sex, after you go to the bathroom or before you bathe is not something you will be normally use to. It sounds nasty and dirty. But after you have had this type of service for a time, you will find it hard to live without it. Why should you deny yourself another orgasm after you have been fucked? Why should you have to wipe or douche yourself when you have a cum hungry little whore to lick you clean and bring you additional pleasure to your throbbing and sensitive pussy? Cunnilingus after intercourse is probably a pleasure that few women have had and I can assure you that you are greatly missing out on a wonderful experience. Furthermore, if you have restricted your slave to "Sexual Deprivation" your slave can't fuck you, or touch your breasts for your pleasure, so why not use your little pet to clean you, it's all he's good for anyway.


A Tantalizing Service

I strongly suggest that you try some form of toilet training consistently for a minimum of a month before making a decision not to allow your slave to perform this valuable and tantalizing service. It's fun to watch a slave eagerly perform these tasks and thank you for the privilege to do them. It is an enlightening demonstration of your power over your slave and your slave's love obedience and commitment to serving you. It's emotionally overwhelming some times that your slave loves you this much. Plus the fact that he is willing to do whatever it takes to please you. Not necessarily a part of toilet training, is making the slave smell your feet, shoes, and socks. You may want the slave to do this before providing a nice foot massage. Included is having the slave kiss or smell your under your arms. A slave living in sexual deprivation will be immensely teased in kissing/smelling your underarms with or without you wearing a bra. The slave's face is next to your breasts, but the slave can't experience the pleasure touching your breasts without suffering punishment. This is a most intensive teasing.


At His Place

Kissing and smelling my ass, feet and underarms are the only places I allow my slave to show his affection to me. I make my slave smell my shoes, socks and/or soiled panties while I shower/bathe. He is absolutely happy when I allow his to enjoy any part of me. I love dressing up in garters, stockings, and sheer thong panties, sexy see through bras and other dominance costumes around the house. Other times I dress like a slob around the house without a bra in shorts, panties and a shirt. So if you like to dress up or slob around, it is always easy for you to have your slave smell or kiss your feet, underarms and ass when you command it. It doesn't matter if you've had a bathe, you stink, your feet are dirty, your slave will want to. It is a humiliation that you can train your slave to love doing. After all it is his only chance to touch you. Sometimes I wonder how he stands living in sexual deprivation being teased like this and only getting to have this type of contact with me. Then I remember that he's just a slave. This is his place in life and he chose to be here for this sort of treatment.


Teasing His Desires

When I dress sexy, I love the effect that this has on my slave. He nearly constantly has a raging, throbbing, aching and juicy hard on. This hard on, is because of me. It's because I am in the room. It's because my slave wants me. It's because he would love to fuck me. He wants to fuck me so bad that he will do anything I demand of him. He wants to make me happy and he has given up everything including his own sexual gratification for the opportunity to serve and please me. And he is willing to suffer any punishment I hand out if he does not please me. Where could I ever find a man that would love me, serve me, wait on me hand and foot, do all the chores, do anything and everything to make me happy, and all I have to do is pee on him occasionally and let him lick my ass. And he thanks me for it! Nowhere, except in a slave, can you find this level of love and devotion. It certainly makes me feel great that he lives only to serve me. That he loves me so much he will lick me clean after I fuck and lick clean the cock that pleased me. I wish that everyone (except slaves of course) could know this feeling.